Product Boxes

This was a design project to display how to design the exterior of a product packaging through the visualization of product name, images, product description, company information and advertisement of other products. The class assignment instructed us to make product boxes based on made-up products for a made-up company we created.

My company was called World Savior, which I portrayed as a comic book media company that published comics and released apparel and company-branded art supplies. My products included a graphic novel and artist pens.

My graphic novel product box presented my War Machine Z comic. It includes a description of story, the credits of the people involved, the company name and product brand, and advertising of one of my other comics, Bastard Gunman.

My inking pens box presented a small pack of pens including a brush pen. The box includes a pen size chart, advertisement of sketchbooks and measuring materials.

Digital mock-up of product boxes.