World Savior Company Style Guide

In college, as part of my course, we were assigned a lengthy project that revolved around building our own company brand. We were instructed to come up with a name and logo for our company, produce a series of concepts and what products this company will put out. Each product we make carried the company branding. The final leg of the project was to construct an entire style guide of the company’s structure; the visual appeal of the logo including the do’s and don’ts, the company’s style in transport and identification and presentation.

My company is World Savior. World Savior is a take on the comic book franchise market through comics, art products, and general products. The company would produce my comic book IPs in different forms of media. Only shown in this guide are the comic book designs, t-shirt designs, and art supplies. Other products that do not appear are action figures, stickers, and movie version mock-ups of the comic book properties used.